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50 kg hospital hygiene isolation cleaning device
50 kg hospital hygiene isolation cleaner product description
GLQX sanitary isolation elution machine is the latest development of the company, on the market of new health products:
Computer control, automatic / manual optional, washing capacity, high wash rate, beautiful appearance;
Bilateral control, to avoid re-pollution of the washing;
Advanced structure, flexible shock, noise, vibration small;
Frequency control, easy operation, energy saving;
Applicable to a wide range of health isolation, to meet the strict requirements of the environment occasions.

Health isolation washing model:
Contaminated areas: pollution of cloth disinfection, classification, washing, independent space, a separate operator, a separate washing utensils, strictly control the spread of pollution;
Isolation wall: completely blocking cross infection;
Dressing area: Wash the cloth after removal from the clean door;
Clean area: clean cloth after the processing, finishing, closed area, clean environment, and even the air is fresh.

Sanitary Isolated Washing Easily Avoid Cross Infection:
First, take the most advanced hygienic isolation washer from the equipment. Back to the back of the two machine doors, so that the loading of the cloth and the release of clean linen from two different doors out of the door, from the source to avoid cross infection.
Secondly, due to the use of isolation washing machine, so that the installation of the middle wall made possible, so as to achieve the pollution area and clean area and other functional areas of the division, completely blocked the secondary pollution;
Third, the clean area and the pollution of the staff and the independent allocation of equipment, linen one-way flow, coupled with the air pressure flow design, more completely to avoid the second cross-contamination.Hospital Barrier Washer suppliers

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